Sunleaves Rocks 10L

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Tags: Sunleaves Rocks 0.25"-0.5" 13lb/10L

Sunleaves Rocks 0.25"-0.5" 13lb/10L

Sunleaves Rocks are a reusable growing medium with serious H20-holding power for use in any kind of garden, and now gardeners can choose from two different sizes of this versatile growing medium! Both the small (0.25" to 0.5") and large (0.5" to 1.5") varieties are made by superheating shale to temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, rendering them pH-neutral and chemically inert. Gardeners can make their lives a little easier, take care of their plants, and take it easy on the planet when they grow with the rock that doesn't roll! Mined and manufactured in the United States.

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